ICCE Training

Agencies that are interested in training their staff in the practice of Feedback Informed Treatment can schedule on-site training with an ICCE trainer/consultant. Introductory and advanced trainings will orient participants to the fundamentals of using outcome and alliance measures in their work and engendering a responsive practice that maintains fidelity to clients...not a particular model. Trainings are experiential and interactive, focus on developing a reflexive, deliberate practice, and provide substantial opportunities for practice with the ORS and SRS. In this video Julie Tilsen, ICCE Training Coordinator introduces the ICCE training and consulting options and below you will find further description of training and consulting together with a list of ICCE Community Trainers.

Online Consultation

The ICCE offers online consultation service to individual clinicians and smaller groups of clinicians. The Consultations will be done by an ICCE Community Trainer. All ICCE Community Trainers are thoroughly grounded in Feedback-Informed Treatment and CDOI. The consultation is offered via Skype or on phone. Online consultation can support clinicians in the following areas:

  1. Consultation on non-progressing cases
  2. Making sense of data, consultation aimed at understanding the aggregate data and identifying patterns for improvement
  3. Consultations focusing on the use of the measures (for beginners). How to talk about the measures, how to talk about the ORS-graph and the SRS, etc.
  4. Consultation focusing on a specific part of the theoretical and research foundation supporting the use of ongoing feedback.

How do I request Training or Consultation?

If you want to request online consultation, or if you want more information about consultation packages and fees, please send an email to consultations@centerforclinicalexcellence.com for further information. If you want to request on-site training or consultation please email ICCE Training Coordinator Dr. Julie Tilsen: training@centerforclinicalexcellence.com

ICCE Consultants and Trainers

Julie Tilsen, Training Coordinator: USA

Highly regarded for her creative and interactive teaching style, Julie is known for her ability to integrate theory and practice in accessible, meaningful and fun ways. Since 1985, she has worked in settings ranging from psychiatric hospitals to community health clinics, private practice to residential treatment, university counseling centers to youth shelters and street outreach. In addition to her therapy practice, Julie provides clinical supervision, training and consultation to a variety of agencies, therapists, and youthworkers. Julie is an in-demand presentor and publishes on a variety of topics related to socially just/anti-oppressive practices, narrative therapy, and constructionist approaches to practice and research. During trainings, she is likely to throw candy and/or change at participants. Julie is a Licensed Psychologist in Minnesota and holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Social Sciences.

Susanne Ostervig Bargmann: Denmark

Susanne Bargmann is a licensed psychologist and specialist in psychotherapy. Since 2000, Susanne has utilized FIT as a therapist, clinical supervisor, and consultant with a variety of populations in both public and private sectors. She specializes in treating eating disorders, conducting trainings on FIT and eating disorder treatment throughout Scandinavia. Susanne also co-teaches the annual Advanced Intensive Training in FIT. Susanne is the author of several articles about FIT in Danish. In 2010, Susanne published an article exploring the notion that FIT provides another possible understanding of what consititutes evidence based practice. Susanne is tirelessly dedicated to challenging conventional ideas about therapy and diagnosis.

Cynthia Maeschalck, MA: Canada

Cynthia has over 30 years of experience in the helping profession including youth work, child welfare, family and couples counselling, clinical supervision and management. She has specialized in substance abuse counselling since 1988 and has worked as a clinical supervisor of addiction services since 1997. Cynthia has led CDOI pilot projects for addictions and mental health teams. She has trained numerous teams in CDOI service delivery and the supporting software for CDOI data management. Cynthia is an ICCE faculty member for the Training of Trainers and has a particular interests in clinical supervision and agency implementation.

Louise Munro: Australia

Louise works at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia and also in private practice. Louise works as a trainer and consultant, assisting organizations in the integration of the ORS and the SRS in their client work. In 2009, Louise completed 3 years as the project officer for the Princess Alexandra Hospitals Statewide Deafness and Mental Health Service where versions of the ORS and the SRS have been implemented with deaf clients. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and presents internationally. Louise specializes in creative approaches to psychology, psychotherapy and research that feature competency-based and constructionist strategies such as narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, and reflecting teams.

Bill Robinson: Australia

Bill is a couple and family counselor with over twenty five years of experience in both private practice and organizational settings in Australia and England. Bill became a certified CDOI trainer in 2008 and is a manager and senior supervisor with Relationships, Australia in Mandurah, Western Australia. He has published articles on CDOI practice and has special interests in couples therapy, work with mandates clients, and clinical supervision.

Jason Seidel, PsyD: USA

Jason Seidel is a Denver psychologist in private practice and has worked in psychological and counseling services for over 20 years. Jason is one of the first psychotherapists to ever report his outcomes in rigorous detail on the Internet. He has demonstrated best-in-class psychotherapy outcomes for adults since he began formally tracking client progress in 2004. Clinically, he specializes in the integration of intolerable emotions and healing the impact of extreme experiences, having deliberately practiced helping others in the deep end of the pool since he was a teenager. He has also worked in the fields of biopsychiatry, business development, and mythopoetic initiation and mentoring. In addition to practicing what he preaches with his own therapy clients, Jason brings his open heart, brutal honesty, and quick sense of humor to consultations with individuals and organizations, helping them massively improve outcomes and service quality.

Michael D. Clark, MSW, LMSW: USA

Michael is a consultant, trainer and addictions therapist. After 20 years of direct practice with mandated clients, he is currently the Director of the Center for Strength-Based Strategies in Michigan. He is a leader in the application of emerging meta-analysis to probation clients. Michael has trained individual practitioners and teams in the fields of mental health, education, addictions, child welfare, probation/parole and juvenile delinquency. Michael presents throughout the United States, as well as Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and Micronesia/Pacific. With more than 30 articles and book chapters to his credit (including a number of essays that were the first-of-its-kind), Michael is one of the first to bring change-focused strategies to the field of criminal justice.

Jim Walt, MA, LMFT: USA

Jim retired as a full Professor at John F. Kennedy University, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, in 2006, after having taught there since 1990. Jim is a Senior Advisor, Associate and Trainer at the ICCE. Jim is a seasoned and entertaining presenter who highlights current research and procedures that enable practitioners to improve their effectiveness in private practice and agency settings and reduce professional burnout

For more information on ICCE Consulting and Training services contact us at training@centerforclinicalexcellence.com.

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