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FIT Software Tools

OpenFIT allow you to easily solicit feedback on client outcomes and experience of treatment

Improve therapy outcomes with OpenFIT

OpenFIT is an online software platform designed to support improved client outcomes and continuous practitioner development. It facilitates deliberate practice through features such as:

  • Measurement of service effectiveness through client feedback on progress in treatment and engagement. Practitioners can easily and routinely solicit in session feedback on treatment outcomes and service quality.
  • Real-time tracking of client progress and comparison with their expected treatment response, so treatment can be adjusted as needed.
  • Advanced reporting and case analysis features that facilitate the identification of practitioner specific errors. This supports the processes of thinking, planning, executing and reflecting that promote performance improvement.
  • Unique data sharing tools that facilitate sharing information with supervisors and trainers in a confidential and secure way. This allows access to supervision, coaching and training resources that support practitioner development.

More more information on OpenFIT check our website. For a free 30 day trial complete the enquiry form.

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