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ICCE Certified Trainers

Leslie Berfknecht

Leslie Berfknecht, MSW, LCSW, ICCE Certified Trainer USA

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Leslie is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in criminal justice. She works with offender and high-risk populations and serves as a treatment supervisor at in a sexual offender treatment program for civilly committed adult males. She has been using FIT since 2012. Show less

Christophe Cazauvieilh

Christophe Cazauvieilh, MA, ICCE Certified Trainer France

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Christophe is a clinical Psychologist with a specialization in Health Psychology. Originally trained in hypnosis and brief therapy, his current practice focuses on FIT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He has been using FIT since 2007. Show less

Laure Tang Jensby

Laure Tang Jensby, MA, PSYCHOLOGIST, ICCE Certified Trainer Denmark

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Laura works with children, youth and families at an agency in Copenhagen where she leads the implementation and supervision of FIT. Laura has been using FIT since 2010. Show less

Barry McClatchey

Barry McClatchey, MSW, ICCE Certified Trainer Canada

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Co-director of the Halifax Brief Therapy Centre, a therapy training & clinical supervision consultancy in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Barry also works as a clinical therapist with individuals, couples and families for the Department of National Defense. Show less

Karen Fleming

Karen Fleming, PHD, ICCE Certified Trainer USA

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Karen is the Director of Adult Counseling at Coleman Professional Services. She has 17 years of experience, and currently serves as team leader for a program designed to help individuals recover after a first episode of psychosis. Show less

Russ Hansen

Russ Hansen, MA, ICCE Certified Trainer USA

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Russ Hansen is the Clinical Director, Quality Assurance Director and Staff Development Trainer for Youth for Change, a California-based non-profit agency. He is also in private practice, the co-owner of Wellspring Therapeutic Alliance LLC., and a Community College Instructor Show less

Gregg Loo

Gregg Loo, MA, RCC, ICCE Certified Trainer Canada

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Gregg is a Registered Clinical Counselor in Vancouver, Canada. He specializes in the field of concurrent disorders and providing training on working with addictions. Gregg has been using FIT since 2004. Show less

Randy Moss

Randy Moss, PHD, LP, Certified Addictions Specialist, ICCE Certified Trainer USA

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Randy specializes in co-occurring disorders, trauma informed practices, and work with adolescents and transitional aged adults. He has been working with FIT since 2004. Show less

Kerstin Oqvist

Kerstin Oqvist, BA, ICCE Certified Trainer Sweden

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Kerstin Öqvist is a social worker. She has primarily worked with teenagers with risk behavior and their families at Maria Ungdom in Stockholm where she has been involved in implementing Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). She is presently a consultant at local social services, assigned to different municipalities. Kerstin came in contact with ORS & SRS back in 2002 and is now working with FIT as a practitioner, trainer and supervisor. Show less

Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen

Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen, BA, LICENSED FAMILY THERAPIST, ICCE Certified Trainer Denmark

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Henrik teaches, supervises and works as a consultant for family services, child protection workers, foster home services, disabled children, teenagers at risk, addiction treatment, and recovery oriented rehabilitation. He has been using FIT since 2007. Show less

Johnny Engedal

Johnny Engedal, BA, ICCE Certified Trainer Denmark

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Johnny provides couples and family therapy with children, youth, and adults, as well as clinical supervision. He has been using FIT since 2009. Show less

Tove Snedker, BA

Tove Snedker, BA, ICCE Certified Trainer Denmark

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Tove is a family therapist who works with couples, children, youth, & adults. She does sandplay therapy and has been using FIT since 2011. Show less

Arnold Woodruff

Arnold Woodruff, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Arnold is currently a licensed marriage and family therapist at Help Your Way in Richmond, VA. He is an Approved Supervisor for AAMFT and provides supervision to persons seeking licensing in Virginia. Show less

Frank Asmus

Frank Asmus, Certified FIT Trainer Netherlands

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Frank Asmus, is a psychiatrist and family therapist (supervisor). He is the head of an agency (part of MoleMann Mental Health) that provides family oriented services to children and adults in Rotterdam. Frank has implemented FIT in his agency since 2007.
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Daniel Buccino

Daniel Buccino, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Daniel L. Buccino LCSW-C, BCD is clinical supervisor and student coordinator in the Adult Outpatient Community Psychiatry Program at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, in Baltimore, Maryland, and clinical director of its Mood Disorders Clinic. A drummer and a runner, he is also founder and director of the Baltimore Psychotherapy Institute and director of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative. Mr. Buccino is on the faculties of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Smith College School for Social Work, and the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Show less

Mark Goheen

Mark Goheen, Certified FIT Trainer Canada

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Mark D. Goheen, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor has served as a clinician, educator and researcher in the Mental Health & Substance field for over 25 years. As a Clinical Specialist at Fraser Health (British Columbia, Canada), he is dedicated to the evolution of client centered health programs that support each person served in living a preferred identity. Mark has been utilizing outcome based practices for over a decade. Show less

Cindy Hansen

Cindy Hansen, Certified FIT Trainer Canada

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Cindy Hansen, BA-Psych, HHP, has dedicated her career to developing innovative online technology that help therapists increase their effectiveness. She is currently serving as vice president of Health-Factors, the company that developed both MyOutcomes and FIT eLearning. As a certified FIT trainer, Cindy specializes in the successful implementation of MyOutcomes into clinical practice. Show less

Bogdan Cezar Ion

Bogdan Cezar Ion, Certified FIT Trainer Romania

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Bogdan Cezar Ion, PHD, is a clinical psychologist, a clinical supervisor and a trainer in psychotherapy. He is trained and certified in a couple of clinical methods including Brief Therapies (SFBT, Collaborative and Narrative Approaches, Strategic Therapy), CBT and Clinical Hypnosis, but his main focus is beyond models in promoting practice based evidence and supporting documented professional improvement. He has used ORS/SRS from 2002 and is involved in the last six years in spreading FIT to mental health practitioners and in providing consultancy and supervision to support FIT implementation.
Bogdan has served for more than 19 years as a catalyst for meaningful learning and change both in private practice and in Bucharest University, where he teaches as a lecturer in the Master Degree Programs in Clinical Psychology. He is the head of the Romanian Brief Therapies Association and also a founding member of some high prestige professional associations and institutes.
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Magnus Johanssen

Magnus Johanssen, Certified FIT Trainer Sweden

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Magnus works as a social worker at the Addiction Center in Stockholm, Riddargatan 1. He also does research at Karolinska Institute, focused on Internet based interventions and training in Motivational Interviewing. Magnus has been using FIT in 2006. Show less

Charles LeMieux

Charles LeMieux, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Using ongoing feedback from his clients, Charles creates dynamic partnerships to achieve positive outcomes. Charles has a Masters Degree from Fairfield University, a Bachelor's Degree from Harvard College, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Show less

David Nylund

David Nylund, Certified FIT Trainer US

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David Nylund, LCSW, PhD is a professor of Social Work at California State University, Sacramento and the Clinical Director of the Gender Health Center. Show less

Flip Jan van Oenen

Flip Jan van Oenen, Certified FIT Trainer Netherlands

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Flip Jan van Oenen is a physician and family therapist working in Emergency Psychiatry and in a Center for family- and couples therapy. He is also a supervisor in family therapy. He is the author of a book about crisis intervention, and as a researcher he has published articles about FIT in professional journals. He has been using FIT since 2007. He lives in Amsterdam, Holland and works for Arkin Mental Health Institute in Amsterdam. Show less

Sidney Shaw

Sidney Shaw, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Sidney Shaw is a faculty member in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program and works in private practice with adolescents and adults. He lives in Missoula, Montana and has been using FIT since 2006. Show less

Stephen Michael

Stephen Michael, Certified FIT Trainer USA

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Stephen Michael, DrPH, LISAC (Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor) has over 25 years of experience in behavioral health in a private and public sectors. He has been an avid user of feedback and outcomes to improve programs throughout his career and is very adept at helping set up systems to monitor feedback and outcomes regardless of program size. Show less

Von Borg

Von Borg, Certified FIT Trainer Japan & US

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Von F. Borg, MS, LPCC, LADC is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor with Board Approved Supervisor status with more than twenty years of experience in the counseling field. Von has worked since 1997 as a therapist and clinical supervisor providing prevention, education, and counseling services to adolescents and their families of US service members stationed in Germany. Since 2004, Von has been part of the leading edge in behavioral health research and practice, using CDOI/FIT for tracking effectiveness in his work with adolescents and with those he supervises. Von specializes in computer training and support, developing supervisory/management tools used to establish and maintain case records, tracking patient outcome measures, and evaluating counselor and program utilization. Show less

Gunnar Lindfelt

Gunnar Lindfelt, Certified FIT Trainer Sweden

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Gunnar works as an alcohol and drug counsellor, supervisor and educator of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Feedback Informed Treatment. Gunnar has worked with the ORS/SRS for over 8 years. Show less

Aaron Frost, Ph.D

Aaron Frost, Ph.D, Certified FIT Trainer Australia

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Aaron is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in Research, Teaching and Practice. He is the director of an outcome based practice that currently has 12 consulting therapists, and provides training and consultation to healthcare organisations around FIT implementation Show less

Kari Markkula

Kari Markkula, Certified FIT Trainer Sweden

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Kari has been a social worker and family therapist for 40 years, for the moment mostly doing couples counselling. Kari stumbled over FIT by chance in 2009 and loved it since. He has been implementing FIT widely in the city of Linköping, Sweden. Show less

Steffen Meinhardt

Steffen Meinhardt, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Steffen Meinhardt is a licensed Psychologist. He works with children, adolescents and adults in at risk families. He also works young adults who has spent their childhood in foster care or institutional care. He is part of the team that leads the implementation and supervision of FIT in his organization, and he has experience in implementing FIT in other agencies as well. Steffen has been using FIT in 2011. Show less

Rikke Baes

Rikke Baes, ICCE Certified Trainer Denmark

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I work as a family therapist in the public sector and provide family therapy to at risk families, couples, young children and adolescents. I teach and supervise in FIT and helps to implement FIT at my workplace. I was first introduced to FIT back in 2004, have had a strong interest ever since and from 2011 I have been applying FIT actively in all my therapeutic work. Show less

Jeb Sawyer

Jeb Sawyer, ICCE Certified Trainer US

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Jeb is the co-owner and president of the Relationship Therapy Center in Minnesota where he specializes in using Feedback Informed Treatment in a couples’ therapy setting. Jeb is passionate about promoting accountability and encouraging his staff to live by the motto of "do what works" with their clients. Show less

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Michael is a psychologist and training director at a health and wellness center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. FIT has become an integral component to Michael's clinical training program and he has been actively providing consultation, coaching, and supervision to support FIT implementation within his organization. Michael is known for his attention to detail in program design, implementation, and evaluation. Show less

Marlene Stokholm

Marlene Stokholm, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Marlene is a clinical psychologist working therapeutically with families in a public agency in Copenhagen. She also teaches, supervises and is in charge of FIT implementation processes and trainings in different professional services. Marlene has a special interest in developing and implementing FIT practices around work with children and their families and their professional network. Show less

Christopher Schmitz

Christopher Schmitz, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Christopher is the owner of Komphash - Navigation i hashmisbrug! and is a specialist in treatment of cannabis addiction. He has written a book about parents coaching "Forælder Til hashryger", for parents who have children with cannabis addiction. Besides teaching professionals on how to approach children with cannabis addiction, he is the initiator and coordinator of Netværk af Danske Cannabis Behandlere, a national network of Danish cannabis addiction counselors. He is also responsible for the Danish HAP-education together with founder of the HAP-treatment approach Thomas Lundqvist. Christopher uses Feedback Informed Treatment in his setting of addiction treatment and is a FIT-supervisor for addiction counselors. Show less

Bruno Vinther

Bruno Vinther, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Bruno is a trainer psychologist working in a family therapy center in Denmark as well as in private practice. He has extensive experience working with FIT in a variety of settings and with a variety of populations. Bruno currently works with families, adults, group therapy, couples therapy, families and individuals. He is also a FIT-teacher and FIT-supervisor, as well as workshop organizer. Show less

 Elisabeth Staberg

Elisabeth Staberg, Certified FIT Trainer Sweden

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Elisabeth has been a social worker for many years working in health care and in schools with children. Since 2009 she has been working with a focus on couple’s counselling and supervision for professionals. She has been using FIT since 2011 and says “I am still amazed over how stimulating and useful it is!” Show less

Jonas Friedrichsen

Jonas Friedrichsen, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Jonas is an authorized psychologist, working at a youth center in Aarhus, Denmark. His primary field is therapy and clinical examinations with young people and their families. He is currently teaching, counselling and doing supervision at different family and treatment centers. Show less

Erika Norman

Erika Norman, Certified FIT Trainer Canada

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Erika is grateful for having the good fortune of being introduced to FIT at the start of her clinical career, and now has 11 years of experience using FIT. More recently, she has facilitated workshops to agencies integrating FIT into their settings. Additionally, Erika works as a Concurrent Disorder counsellor, with a strong focus on mindfulness, in Vancouver, Canada. Show less

Ulla Qwist

Ulla Qwist, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Ulla Qwist works with adolescents and young adults (age 16-30 years) experiencing mental illness including emotional instability, personal disorder, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Ulla has been using FIT since 2011 and has been implementing FIT over the last years in the organisation where she works. Ulla received training at Malborough Family Service Center London, Inpraxis and Solution, Denmark. Show less

Kaye Frankcom, M. Psych (Clinical)

Kaye Frankcom, M. Psych (Clinical), Certified FIT Trainer Australia

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Kaye is a Clinical & Counselling Psychologist with over 28 years of experience in psychology and psychotherapy particularly in private practice in Australia. She provides supervision, consultation and training in the use of FIT ideas and tools to improve treatment effectiveness. Kaye has been using FIT in her own practice since 2001. Show less

René Essom

René Essom, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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René has been using FIT since 2011 and implemented FIT in a social psychiatry organization where he worked until recently. Currently, he is working as head of a Child and Family treatment agency that offers testing, assistance, counselling and therapy and is integrating FIT as part of his work there. René has received training at Marlborough Family Service Center, London, Inpraxis, Attractor, Villa Venire and Copenhagen Business School (MPG), Denmark. Show less

 Anita Harder

Anita Harder, Certified FIT Trainer Canada

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Anita is a Registered Psychologist in Calgary Alberta, Canada where she works for the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. There she works with adolescents and adults who have experienced or perpetrated violence and abuse. She has been using FIT since 2010 and is excited to be co-leading FIT implementation, training and supervision for the agency. Show less

Thea Vondracek

Thea Vondracek, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Thea is a licensed marriage and family therapist in NC who has been using FIT since 2012. She is in the implementation stage of FIT at Youth Haven Services where she is the Assistant Clinical Director. Show less

Linette Soldan

Linette Soldan , Certified FIT Trainer Canada

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Linette a Registered Social Worker, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As Program Manager of the Community Services Counselling Program at the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, Linette is responsible for the operations of the Community Services Counselling Program ( Community Services Counsellors, Children's Outreach Counsellor and Court Case Coordinators) which offers services for clients living with family violence and abuse out in the community.

In her role as a co-lead of FIT implementation, training and supervision for the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, Linette is most excited to provide the leadership and support of this valuable tool throughout the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. Show less

Brooke Mathewes

Brooke Mathewes, Certified FIT Trainer Canada

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Brooke is both a Registered Clinical Counselor and a Canadian Certified counselor. Her primary focus is working with problematic substance use, gambling, and mental health. She also works in the field of psychosocial oncology, counselling patients and their families going through cancer treatment. Feedback Informed Treatment has been guiding her practice since 2011 and she continues her FIT development by acting as a consultant to other clinicians also using FIT with various populations. Show less

Irene Bendtsen

Irene Bendtsen, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Irene has been using FIT since 2011 and implemented FIT in several organizations within the area of psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation. She has been head of 3 mental health organizations in various municipalities around Copenhagen. Currently she is head of Center of Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Sorø, which offers halfway houses, social support, psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation programs and counselling to people with mental health problems.
Irene has received training at DISPUK and is one of the founders and previous boardmembers of The Danish Society of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. She is currently integrating FIT in Sorø municipality as part of a larger organizational change. Show less

Trine Uhrskov

Trine Uhrskov, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Trine is a psychologist and co-owner of a private consultancy firm. Trine mainly works with adults with cognitive disabilities or mental health issues and challenging behavior. Trine teaches and supervises staff on citizen participation in order to prevent the use of force, and she counsels the Danish National Board of Social Services about citizens with particularly complex issues. Trine teaches the use of FIT in relation to young adults and adults with cognitive disabilities or mental health issues. Show less

Jakob Brixen

Jakob Brixen, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Jakob is a clinical psychologist working with children and adolescents in a public clinic in Copenhagen. He has been using FIT since 2010 in individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Jakob also works with FIT implementation in different therapeutic organizations, and he teaches, supervises, and trains professional staff in using FIT. Show less

Bjarne Richter Bjelke

Bjarne Richter Bjelke, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Bjarne is an anthropologist who is working with method (what works), user involvement, empowerment and professional development in the field of social services and disability in Denmark. As such he is introducing FIT in various dialogues, settings and agencies, working with practitioners, municipalities (local government) and the National Board of Social Services in Denmark. As an anthropologist, he is particularly interested in the perspectives of FIT becoming a structurally significant “tool” for systematic user involvement and co-creation. Also, what matters to Bjarne is to transmit and communicate why and how it is that FIT fits in our current welfare context. Show less

Michael McGuire

Michael McGuire, Certified FIT Trainer US

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Michael McGuire is a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Director of the Substance Use and Addiction Specialty program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work. He is a licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS), and a credentialed supervisor. His areas of expertise include adolescent and family development, childhood trauma, substance use treatment, experiential learning, military lifecycle, Motivational Interviewing, Feedback Informed Treatment and clinical supervision. Michael consults nationally and internationally regarding clinical supervision, workforce development, and clinical model implementation. Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a fun, educational, and useful training experience. Show less

Heidi Nygård-Michelsson

Heidi Nygård-Michelsson, Certified FIT Trainer Finland

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Heidi is a social psychologist who has been working since 2004 with youth, young adults and families suffering from mental illness and social difficulties at HelsinkiMissio, a non-governmental organization for social services. She has eagerly been learning about FIT since 2014 and is currently working with the implementation of FIT, providing training and supervision as well for her own agency as for other organizations in Finland. Show less

Bjørn Hansen

Bjørn Hansen, Certified FIT Trainer Denmark

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Bjørn is a social worker in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works primarily with education programs for adolescents and adults within social psychiatry. He is currently working with the implementation of FIT at AskovFonden, providing training and supervision for all branches of the organization. Show less

Leigh Couture

Leigh Couture, ICCE Certified Trainer Canada

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In the role of Associate Executive Director, Leigh is an administrator of two social service organizations delivering services in Youth Justice, Child Welfare and Children's Mental Health contexts. Responsible for agency-wide service delivery and continuous program improvement she is the co-lead for agency-wide FIT implementation, training and supervision. Show less

David Brown

David Brown, ICCE Certified Trainer United States

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David Brown, Ph.D. is a psychologist in Vermont and has been in independent practice since 1984. He is a leader in an effort sponsored by BCBS of VT to implement FIT statewide among agencies and independent practitioners. Show less

Else Brunvand

Else Brunvand, ICCE Certified Trainer Denmark

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Else is a clinical psychologist working therapeutically with children, adolescent and adults in her private clinic in Aarhus. She also teaches, supervises and works with FIT implementation processes and training. Else is particularly interested in how to establish and keep an ongoing deliberate practice alive and how to engage both professionals and clients in this process. Else is Norwegian and can therefore teach both in Norway and Denmark. Show less

Chantal Tasse

Chantal Tasse, ICCE Certified Trainer Canada

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Chantal is the Supervisor of Quality Assurance and Community Planning at Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell, Ontario. Coming from a clinical background, she has led FIT implementation and is the primary trainer for FIT practice within the agency since 2011. Show less

Niklas Waitong

Niklas Waitong, Certified FIT Trainer Sweden

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Niklas is a licenced social worker and has been working in treatment with families, teenagers, substance abuse and multiple diagnoses for more than 30 years, 17 of which were spent as director of Älgeredskollektivet, a small high quality residential care home. Today Niklas works mainly with training and supervision. He has been working with FIT since 2006. Show less

David Low

David Low, Certified FIT Trainer USA

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David Low is a Senior Psychotherapist and Faculty member at the Family Institute of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a Licensed Couple and Family Therapist and AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor. He worked 14 years within Child, Adolescent and Mental Services (CAMHS) in England as a Systemic Family Therapist and Supervisor. Ten of those years in the UK he was a Clinical Team Supervisor/Manager. David helped developed guidance manuals and training videos on the use of FIT with young people and families within the National Health Service in UK. Show less